25 - 27 June Dayang Free & Easy Travel

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A short getaway to Aur and Dayang islands, an exclusive and uncommercialized tropical paradise in West Malaysia. Located 65km off Mersing, northeast of Johor state, these sunny little islands used to be the top destination amongst scuba divers and game fishing enthusiasts.

Here on Dayang island lies the Mersuji beach-lodge, a rustic and cozy accommodation that can provide you with comfort amidst nature. With its beachfront cabins, you have access to Dayang’s crystal clear waters 24/7. For nature lovers, Mersuji is the perfect place for a getaway far away from the hustle and bustle of daily living. Visitors get to fully experience the tranquility of immersing themselves in the gift of nature that Dayang has to offer through activities such as snorkeling and trekking.

Come join us as we sail through the waters of the South China Sea from the jetty of the small coastal town of Mersing! Be sure to keep updated on the tidal conditions prior to your boat departure to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride on the way to your very own exclusive adventure.

Package includes
- Return Sea Transfers
- Accomodations
- All meals provided
- Snorkeling, Kayaking, and Trekking facilities

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