Why are the departure timings for every trip different?
Departure timings are based on the tide schedule of the departure day. To ensure a safe sea journey, we require reasonably high tide to set off. Changes to the tide schedule may occur any time before your trip and any updates to departure timings will be released to the affected guests as soon as possible.
What do the packages include?
Non-diving packages include:
- Meals
- Accommodations
- Transport to and from Dayang
- Recreational activity facilities

Diving packages include:
- Meals
- Accommodations
- Transport to and from Dayang
- Recreational activity facilities
- Unlimited supply of dive tanks and boat services
How do I make payment?
You may make payment via:
- Credit/Debit card
- Bank Transfer
- Cheque
Please refer to our T&Cs section for more information on payment methods.
How do I confirm my booking?
Please refer to our Reservation Policy under our T&Cs section for more information.

Alternatively, contact us via email (gerald@seaexpedition.co) or WhatsApp (+65 9026 3503) for any inquiries.
How do I get to Dayang Island? Is it safe?
Your safety is our number 1 priority. Guests can take our private ferry service, the Bluewater Express, which brings guests exclusively to Dayang.

Should our private ferry service be unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances, alternative transportation methods will be provided.
What do I need to bring on my trip?
It is advisable for our guests to pack light for their stay on Dayang Island.

Backpacks are highly recommended for a smooth and hassle-free journey. Any baggage with wheels are discouraged as beach deposits (sand or other sediments) may damage the wheel bearings.

The weather on Dayang Island ranges from 26°C to 30°C all year round. Please pack clothings that are suitable for warmer weathers, to your own level of comfort.

A windbreaker and track pants are highly advised in the event of bad weather during the transit to Dayang Island.

Footwear: It is ideal to wear slippers/sandals on the beach and around the beach lodge. Bring a pair of appropriate shoes should you decide to trek during your expedition.

All meals are provided during your time on Dayang Island. However, you are free to bring any other refreshments or snacks of your choice.

The menu for your expedition is subjected to food availability for the weekend. Therefore, there is no fixed menu. Here on Dayang Island, we aim to serve a variety of food from different cuisines, such as Malay, Chinese and Western. While we avoid serving pork in our meals, our kitchen is not Halal certified. Please do inform us ahead of your departure date should you have any dietary restrictions.

- Basic toiletries
- Personal medication
- Motion sickness pills (optional)
- Insect repellent (optional)
What are the itineraries for the packages like?
Besides fixed departure timings from Mersing and Dayang, the rest of your time at Dayang Island is free and easy. We have few day and night activities available for guests to choose from, which are inclusive but not limited to:

Day activities:
- Snorkeling
- Kayaking
- Trekking

Night activities:
- Star gazing
- Beach Stroll
For other special arrangements, please approach our staff on the island for assistance.